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Education Week 2014

What is Education Week?

Education Week is a three-day, campus-wide event that gives BYU–Idaho students, alumni, and the community an opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of diverse gospel-related topics through classes, speakers, and other activities. Subjects may include such topics as ancient scriptures, Church doctrines, self-improvement, preparedness, and many more.

View Upward's infographic explaining the many benefits of attending Education Week.

What happens at Education Week?

At Education Week, you have the opportunity to gather with others seeking to strengthen themselves and their families as disciples of Jesus Christ and as leaders in their homes and the world around them. The BYU-Idaho Learning Model can enhance this experience.

What kind of activities take place during Education Week?

In addition to the classes offered at Education Week, there is a variety of activities for the whole family. Some of those activities include a family dance, devotionals, alumni events, and an exciting concert, among other things.

How can I help promote Education Week?

We invite you to spread the word about Education Week to your family and friends. You can also download the official Education Week 2014 promotional poster, print it, and post it in your local church building or business place.

How do I register?

You can register online beginning March 4, 2014.

Questions? Comments?

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