Students should submit their Notice of Intent to Student Teach up to 18 months before the semester they intend to be placed. Due Dates for the Preparation Process are listed on the Student Teaching page.

Table of Contents

To be eligible to sign up for Partner School Interviews and to be placed in a school for student teaching, students must complete the following:

  1. Notice of Intent to Student Teach

    The Notice of Intent allows a student to declare their student teaching semester. We request that this be submitted prior to the rest of the items on this list.

  2. Approved Grad Plan

    Students will work with their Academic Advising Centers to obtain an approved Grad Plan and ensure that they have declared the correct student teaching semester.

    Log onto MyBYUI, click on the Student tab, and then click on the Degree Information link on the left. The Graduation Planner will be on this page. Use this tool to create and submit your Grad Plan for approval. Visit with your Academic Advising Centers if you have questions. 

    After your ADC notifies you that your Grad Plan has been approved, email the Field Services Office ( and inform them of that approval. Include in that email a confirmation that your target student teaching semester is the same on both your Notice of Intent and your approved Grad Plan. 

  3. Statement of Understanding regarding completion of requirements

    Print, read, and sign the Statement of Understanding.

    Return your Statement of Understanding to Field Services via email:

  4. Cover Letter

    Create a one-page cover letter. This document will be given to principals and/or Area Coordinators who will interview you for consideration of placement at their school(s). This document may also be shared with mentor teachers during student teaching or in practicum experiences prior to student teaching.

    For a sample cover letter, click HERE.

    Please use the following guidelines:

    • Create your cover letter in Word. Keep it to one page. Use a 12 point Arial font.
    • Your cover letter should include your education experience, skills that are pertinent to the field of education and your educational philosophy, etc. It should represent you in a professional manner. Make it personable, but not too personal.
    • Since this document represents you, have it proof-read, or visit the writing lab on campus.
    • Drop your completed cover letter into the Template.
      • Copy the body of your cover letter from your Word Document and paste it into the last gray box in the cover letter template.
    • Fill in the gray boxes at the top of the template.
      • Name: (use your full name)
      • Degree: Choose the box that applies and ignore the rest
        • The Field Services Office will remove the extra boxes
      • Composite: (use the drop down box to select your composite)
      • Major: (use the drop down box to select your Major)
      • Minor: (use the drop down box to select your Minor)
    • Save your completed cover letter to your computer, then email it to

  1. 5. Resume

Create a one-page resume using a 12 point Arial font. Your resume will accompany, and be shared with, the same individuals as your cover letter. It should include your education experience(s), plus work experience and skills that are related to the educational field, etc. As with your cover letter, your resume should represent you in a professional manner. Have it proof-read, or visit the writing lab on campus before submitting.

For a sample resume, click HERE.

Save your resume to your computer, then email it to

NOTE: After processing your Cover Letter and Resume, Field Services will save it as a PDF document and return it to you.  Save and retain it for use in your Student Teaching Interviews.

  1. 6. Background Clearance for the State of Idaho (Fingerprinting)

    All Education majors must be fingerprinted for The State of Idaho regardless of their intended destination for student or career teaching.


    Field Services Office. (HIN 325)


    Must be completed prior to the Preparation Process due date for the semester you plan to student teach. Click here to view Due Dates.


    Our office is open 8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M, fingerprinting ends at 4:30 P.M. The office is closed Tuesdays and Thursday from 2 - 3 for Devotional/Forum hours. No appointment needed.

    Photo ID

    Government-issued ID: driver's license, a state issued photo ID, passport, a military card with a photo included, etc. . .

    Utah and Arizona Student Teachers

    You will be asked to complete a second set of fingerprints if you are student teaching in Arizona or Utah. This will occur after you have applied and have been assigned.


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