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Principal Nelson, Brent

Principal: Nelson, Brent

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West Kearns Elementary School

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4900 South 4620 West

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The Mission of West Kearns Elementary School is to provide equal educational opportunities in a safe environment to all students. This mission includes developing academic, technological and social skills as well as fostering successful productive students and families.

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About the School

We have placed students at West Kearns for years with great success. We have wished to put more students there, but until this partnership it was not possible. West Kearns is a very diverse school with high poverty, multiple languages, and other challenges. It also houses one of the district's dual immersion gifted programs. Despite the challenges, this school is on track to make Annual Yearly Progress requirements because of the efforts of the staff to teach with best practices and to collaborate together for children. Thus, this is a great place for you as a prospective teacher to be trained, as you will face a variety of challenges, but in a supportive environment that is practicing what research says is best for children.

Because this school practices near full inclusion with their special education students, deference is given the ECSE majors first. For any student that applies, it is recommended that you have your TESOL (ESL) endorsement classes complete and use this site to complete your TESOL practicum while student teaching.

Students placed at this school will be placed as a cohort and will be assigned to classrooms in pairs where they will teach cooperatively with each other and the mentor teacher. As such, collaboration will be emphasized and additional enriching experiences will be provided. As school funding permits, students placed here will be paid to stay additional weeks after student teaching ends to provide continuity of the staff (i.e., if funding allows, Fall students will be required to stay until the Christmas break and will be paid up to 30 hours per week).

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