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Principal: Rod Belnap, Ph.D.

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Mission Statement

Since 1994, our vision and mission has defined Fremont High School. We have steadily grown with strong leadership, excellent community partnerships and links to local universities and colleges, and have built a strong and effective learning community. We are proud of our past accomplishments, but we are looking vigorously forward as we prepare our students for a future in the 21st Century and the learning that comes with the future.

Message from the Principal

As the principal of Discovery Elementary, it is my pleasure to welcome you and your child to our great school. This is a very special time in your child's life in which many fundamental concepts will be learned on both academic and social levels. Parents play a major role in this learning process and have a critical role in how successful each child becomes. This early success will have great bearing on future successes in a child's life. Vast studies in the area of child development and learning indicate that most of a child's intellectual development takes place prior to entering a formal classroom. This points to how important the home environment is in the education of each child. With students, parents, and educators working together, we offer students a sound foundation of academic knowledge and skills to further their educational learning. It is the goal of each individual here at Discovery Elementary to provide an environment and experience that will encourage strong academic, emotional and social development.We are looking forward to working with you, as we help your child experience all the joys of learning. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to teach your child. We feel that the success he or she enjoys is an indication of a positive attitude for learning that is taught both at home and at school. Your participation and encouragement will be a major contribution in your child's success.

Thank you for your support.

About the School

Fremont High School is located in Plain City, Utah. We have approximately 1800 students attending Fremont. Our staff at Fremont consists of a principal, three assistant principals, five counselors, 82 teachers, seven secretaries, 16 aides, five full time custodians, a CTE coordinator, one law enforcement officer, one computer technology specialist and one media specialist. Fremont offers 11 AP courses and multiple concurrent enrollment courses, including a bridge to health science track (BHST) as well as CNA courses for those aspiring to the medical field. All of these programs are designed to focus on student interests and strengths to help them prepare for college and career. We take educational best practice that is grounded in solid research and use it to develop an engaging learning environment.

We have a great study body at Fremont. We serve diverse student groups and provide them with many opportunities to excel. The classrooms here at Fremont are "student-centered" classes focusing on the needs of our students. We truly believe that EVERY student can learn and that learning is the fundamental purpose of our school!

We recognize that technology is only going to become more vital in the future, the Fremont High community is dedicated to teaching and learning the latest technology, including LCD projectors, document cameras, smart boards, e-readers, tablets, and clickers, as well as social media and networking. Our teachers are encouraged to learn and explore new technology for student learning while using technology with their instruction. Our Bring Your Own Device policy encourages teachers and students to use their electronic devices as learning devices.

We are looking for enthusiastic student teachers ready to learn and teach... teachers that show their "zest" for teaching and kids. We have already had the opportunity to see the benefits from this co-teaching model in our building. We are excited for this opportunity and look forward to working with BYU-Idaho students that can help us build on the beliefs, goals, and commitments of Fremont High. We value a collaborative culture, so your commitment to collaboration will help to enhance the learning environment here at Fremont.

Our collaborative school community helps new teachers feel comfortable with the staff and students. We can help to facilitate our students finding their "passion..." the thing will love to pursue in the future. With the support system here at Fremont High School, student teachers will leave our school with experiences that will help them step in to any classroom.

School Statistics

Students:Teachers Smart Boards Title 1 Language Programs
36:1 YES NO Spanish, German, ASL

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