Partner Schools

Partner schools are those schools where we have commitments from the administrators to place at least one small cohort (3 to 5) of students each and every semester, increasing the continuity collaboration between their staff, our clinical faculty, and our campus faculty. Each partner school was selected by us or by district administration because the school leader and most or all of the staff are committed to improve their practice, to innovate, and to provide the highest quality experience to their students and ours.

The partner schools' information below should aid you in your search to find a school where you can complete your student teaching.

Local (Idaho)
*Bonneville High School
*Burton Elementary School
*Discovery Elementary School
*Hillcrest High School
*Madison Middle School
*Madison High School
*Mountain Valley Elementary School
*Rigby Middle School/Rigby Education Center
*Rigby High School
*Rocky Mountain Middle School
*Summit Hills Elementary School
Mesa, AZ
*Mesa High School
*Summit Academy K-6
*Summit Academy 7-8
Zaharis Elementary School
Odgen, UT (Weber)
*Fremont High School
*Pioneer Elementary School
*Wahlquist Jr. High School
*West Weber Elementary School
Salt Lake City, UT
Bluffdale Elementary School
Fremont Elementary School
Silver Crest Elementary School
South Jordan Middle School
West Kearns Elementary School

*These schools have English language learner students, and prgrams to serve their needs.

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