Request Instructions for Official BYUI Transcript

A paper copy of your transcript is suggested, but you may request an electronic copy if you wish.  If you decide to submit an electronic copy, it must be sent directly to the State (address provided below).  If you request a paper copy, it must be sent directly to you.

Once you begin the transcript request process, you will be required to register, but only if it's your first time ordering.  Registration will not be required for subsequent requests.

Here is a listing of the process:

Go to

Click on (in this order):

  • Order Now
  • No
  • Order Transcript
  • Other Recipient
  • Send to yourself, Another individual, or Third Party

Select (choose one):                                  


  • List Recipients Name (Idaho Certification)
  • List the Idaho Certificaion Email Address (
  • Complete confirmation and payment process


Paper Transcript - Mailed

  • List your name
  • List your address
  • Complete confirmation and payment process