Official BYUI Transcript Request Instructions

1.      Go to

2.      Click on "How to order my official transcript"

3.      Choose the "Former Student" Link or "Current Student" link

4.      Log in

5.      If your degree is not yet posted, you will not be able to order an official transcript. Please wait until after your degree is posted to order your official transcript.

Additional Notes about Ordering Final Degree Transcripts at BYU-Idaho

· After graduation, before degrees are posted, every graduate will need to have their degree audited by the SRR Graduation Department to ensure they have met the requirements for graduation before their degree can be posted to their transcript.

· Degree audit and degree posting for every semester starts the day after grades are posted for that semester.

· Nursing and Education majors will be audited and have degrees posted first. If these student's degree requirements are met their degrees should be posted the first day of audits.

· All others majors who meet their requirements will have their degree posted within 10 days after grades are posted during the first round of audits.

· Those who are incomplete will be re-audited in the second round, after the 10 days, to see if they can be completed. Any remaining students still incomplete at this time will be notified.

· To determine when a student's degree is posted they should go to their Student Account>Student Tab>Grad Application>Degree Application Details. Here they can view the status of "Degree Posted", if their degree has been posted, or "Completed", if they have been audited but not yet posted. Students can view the Status Key on the same page which will provide additional information on the status.

· Students requesting a final degree transcript should wait to order their transcript after their degree has been posted.  They should not choose "Hold for Grades" option on the transcript request as this will only send final grades and not a degree.

· Students should order their transcripts online through their student account on the student tab and transcript request. Students should first verify their degree is posted online before they order their degree transcript to be sent.