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Our office advises for Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) and Elementary Education (ELED). Secondary education (SECED) majors are housed in content areas across campus (i.e., math education majors go to advisors in Physical Science and Engineering, history education majors go to advisors in Language and Letters, etc.).
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Advising Updates

Starting Fall 2017   
SPED K-12 & ELED HRHP 343 Health/PE Methods for Elementary Education is changing to ED 348 Health/PE Methods for Elementary Education.
ELED ED 304E will no longer be offered. Elementary Education students should plan to ED 304 Development, Cognition, and Understanding.
SPED & ECSE ED 424 ECSE Assessment & Evaluation is changing to SPED 424 ECSE Assessment 7 Evaluation

Early Childhood/Special Education advising reminders:

  • SPED 221 is no longer offered. The following courses can be substituted in for SPED 221 (in order of preference): CHILD 230, CHILD 340, ECSE 340, or ED 206.

Elementary Education Advising reminders:

  • ELED students are strongly encouraged to take FDWLD 101 and 201 for their Foundations Cultural Awareness requirement (Option 2).
  • ELED students with a science emphasis should take BIO 204 and not BIO 208.
  • ELED students with a science emphasis should take GEOL 260 and GEOL 260L. ELED science emphasis students on an older catalog year that lists GEOL 111 and GEOL 111L as the requirement should instead take GEOL 260 and 260L. The 260/260L courses will substitute in and fulfill the 111/111L requirement.

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