Registration - Everything You Need to Know

June 5, 2017
Writer: Vance King

Registration time is here! We know questions arise regarding how to register, what classes to register for, when to register, etc. Please take a moment to review the information below to see if your question is addressed.

General Registration Information  

For your convenience, the following link has been created to answer many registration questions. Please take a moment to browse through the following link to see if your question is answered:  


When can I register?  

Fall Registration will begin between June 7 and June 21 depending on your credit level (see link below). Credits include earned (including transfer credit posted to the BYU-Idaho transcript) and currently enrolled BYU-Idaho credits.  


How do I register for classes?  

1. Go to the BYU-Idaho homepage.

2. Log into my.byui.edu using your user ID and password.

3. Click on the Student tab.

4. Scroll down to the add/drop section

5. Select the correct semester to search for classes and then follow the prompts to add classes.

6. Classes may be dropped by clicking on the DROP button.

7. You can add yourself to a waitlist if a course is full.

For more information about the waitlist, go to http://www.byui.edu/registration/prepare-to-register.    

What classes should I take?  

Each student should consider his or her own personal needs when selecting what courses and how many credits to take each semester. The Class Planning tool in I-Plan is a powerful tool to assist you in mapping out your courses up to graduation. 

What are Foundation courses and when do I take them?  

Foundations courses ensure that BYU-I graduates become not only employable, but also literate, well-rounded, cultured, and informed. The courses are grouped into five areas of study: Eternal Truths, Quantitative Reasoning, Writing, Science, and Cultural Awareness.  For more information on the Foundations program go to:


Freshman have priority when registering for the following Gateway Foundations courses:  

·         FDAMF 101 or FDCIV 101

·         FDENG 101

·         FDHUM 110

·         FDMAT 108

·         FDSCI 101  

All online (ONLN) sections of the Gateway Foundations courses are available to all students on the first day said student is eligible for registration. However, on-campus (DAY) sections are reserved for priority registration for on-campus freshman in accordance with the following schedule:  

Jun 19 First semester Freshmen with 12+ credits can begin to register for up to 2 DAY Gateway Foundations courses and any additional courses.
Jun 20 First semester Freshmen with 1+ credits can begin to register for up to 2 DAY Gateway Foundations courses and any additional courses.
Jun 21 First semester Freshmen with 0 credits can begin to register for up to 2 DAY Gateway Foundations courses and any additional courses.
Jun 26 Second semester Freshmen can begin to register for up to 2 DAY Gateway Foundations courses.
Jun 29 All non-freshmen students can begin to register for up to 2 DAY Gateway Foundations courses.
Jul 3 All students can begin to register for up to 5 DAY Gateway Foundations courses.

For information about Gateway course registration, please visit:  


Are there classes I need to take my first semester for my major?  

We recognize that there are courses in addition to the foundations courses that may be beneficial for new students to take specific to their major. If your major is not listed below, we suggest you follow the foundations course sequencing. We recommend trying to take the following courses your first semester if you are in any of the following majors.  However, if you cannot get into them this semester, they are also great options for your second semester:  

·        Elementary Education: ED 202 (Elementary Education majors with a Math Emphasis should take FDMAT 110 and not FDMAT 108)

·        Early Childhood/Special Education: SPED 200

·        Marriage and Family Studies:  FAML 150 and FAML 160

·        Psychology: PSYCH 111 or PSYCH 112

·        Sociology:  SOC 111 or SOC 112

·        Child Development:  CHILD 150

·        Family Consumer Science:  FCS 101 and FCS 110

·        Professional Preschool Education: CHILD 150, CHILD 210  

Contact Us   

We are happy to answer any question you have after reviewing this e-mail and browsing through these links.  Don't hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment with one of our advisors.   You can also set up an appointment on your own by following the instructions at this link:  


Thank you, and best of luck with the upcoming semester!  

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