Psychology Advising

Psychology (PSYCH) students must declare one of three available emphases: General Psychology, Health Psychology, or Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Our advising office can assist all psychology emphases with class planning.

Advising Updates

  • PSYCH 435 Health Psychology will NOT be offered Spring 2019. 
  • For Psychology students on the Fall 2017 catalog and going forward, a "D-" grade is the minimum grade requirement for major classes.
  • PSYCH 240 is no longer offered.
  • Starting FALL 2017: PSYCH 355 Industrial Organizational Psych will switch to PSYCH 445 Industrial Organizational Psych.
  • Psychology students are currently not allowed to apply for Fast Grad status. One semester overrides are still available.

All Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O PSYCH) students should have Brother Yohan Delton as their assigned faculty mentor. Contact our office to switch you mentor to Brother Delton.

All Health Psychology emphasis students should have Brother Rob Wright as their assigned faculty mentor. Contact our office to switch you mentor to Brother Wright.

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