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Our office advises all DAY students in the following majors: Child Development (CD), Family and Consumer Science (FCS), Professional Preschool Education (PPE), and Marriage and Family Studies (MFS, DAY students only). ONLINE Marriage and Family Studies students can visit the Online Degree Advising webpage or call 208-496-1411 to schedule an advising appointment.

Advising Updates

Marriage and family studies:

  • Starting on the Fall 2017 catalog year, the Marriage and Family Studies Professional Clinical degree will change its name to Marriage and Family Studies Pre-clinical.
  • Professional General Emphasis update: Three new course options have been added to the Major Emphasis Group 2 section of the Professional General Emphasis major requirements: SW 260 Introduction to Social Work, PSYCH 342 Abnormal Psychology, and FCS 101 Introduction to Family and Consumer Science.

Family and Consumer Science:

  • Starting Fall 2017, FCS 207 Clothing Construction I will be retitled: FCS 207 Apparel Construction I. FCS 307 Advanced Sewing Construction will be retitled: FCS 307 Apparel Construction II.
  • Starting Fall 2017, DCM 110 will be changed to DCM 225.

All HFED course code designations switched to FCS.

  • New required course: FCS 110 Safety and Sanitation. FCS 110 is NOT the same class as HFED 110.
  • HFED 110 is now FCS 240 Food Preparation.
  • HFED 240 is now FCS 364 Science of Meal Management (3 credits instead of 2).
  • HFED 364 is replaced by FS 120 Introduction to Food Science.

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