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College of Education & Human Development Academic Discovery Center Team

We want to assist you in having a meaningful academic experience and preparing for a productive career.  Please contact us at (208) 496-9850 to set up an in-office or phone appointment for assistance with:

  •          Class planning
  •          Major/minor changes
  •          Grad Planner
  •          Holds/registration clearance
  •          Transfer credits
  •          Course substitutions/waivers

We look forward to helping you with your academic success.

Online Degree Students: Please Call (208) 496-1411 for assistance.

Need immediate help?  Check out our FAQ's:

What classes should I take?

  •      Find the suggested order to plan classes for your major at this link:
  •      Learn how to find and interpret your Degree Audit, the official document detailing what you have completed and still need to complete to graduate:

How do I use the Grad Planner? 

  •          Learn how to use the online Grad Planner to map out your classes all the way to graduation:

How do I register for classes?