Bloomberg terminals are located in the ECON LAB (SMI 123) and can be reserved for you by an ECON Lab Assistant.  Lab Assistant's contact information can be found in the Econ Lab.  Please remember these rules when reserving a terminal:

1. You may only reserve a given terminal for a maximum of two hours at a time.  
2. You are not permitted to "chain reserve" terminals.  That is, after a reservation period at one terminal, you cannot have another terminal reserved.  So to be fair to other users, we ask that at the conclusion of a reserved time, you do not reserve the same or another terminal for an amount of time equal to your reservation time.  For example, if you reserved terminal L21 for two hours, you may not reserve it again (or any other terminal) for another 2 hours.                            
3.  In case of class conflicts, classes take precedence.                            

For information about Bloomberg certification please contact Kerry Webb or Rick Hirschi:

Kerry Webb
Phone:  208-496-3812
Office:  SMI 111
Rick Hirschi
Phone:  208-496-3806
Office:  SMI 105

Bloomberg Terminal