Ordering Transcripts Prior to 1983

Ricks College did not acquire its first student information system until 1983. Transcript records for students who attended Ricks College prior to 1983 and who have not requested a transcript since 2007 are not in BYU-Idaho's current student information system. In order for former students in this situation to order an official transcript a request to add their transcript record to the student information system must be made first. Please submit the information below to have BYU—Idaho locate your record in microfilm and add it to the student information system.

Request to have record added
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To order a transcript.

Once we have added your transcript record to our student information system we will contact you via email with a link to create a username and password. This will then allow you to request your transcript. This process may take up to two weeks.

If you have any questions about ordering transcripts you may contact us by phone at 208-496-1024 or by email at transcripts@byui.edu