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In addition to providing information about your disability in order to qualify for services and accommodations (as stated in our Eligibility Page), each student should keep the Disability Services office (DSO) updated about any changes or problems you might encounter. If you would like to inform the DSO, please visit our contact us page. Thank you.

Your Letters

Our office will provide copies of a letter discussing the accommodations for which you qualify. Please review them to make sure they are accurate. Give one to each of your teachers during an office hour or a time you can sit down and discuss the accommodations and your situation. Keep a copy for yourself. More are available through our office if you run out. As a college student it is your responsibility to advocate for yourself. If issues arise, or if you are not receiving accommodations in the manner you think is appropriate and reasonable, speak first with your teacher. Contact our office if you have further need for consultation or help.

The Responsibilities of students are:

  • arranging for special testing situations
  • reserving testing rooms
  • arranging for readers, getting tutors
  • making sure you are getting notes
  • informing interpreters of your schedule changes or absences
  • etc.

Academic Learning

We continue to encourage you to use the resources in the Academic Learning area, Reading, Writing, Math, Study Skills, and Tutoring Centers. Go to: or call 208-496-4271 for assistance.

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The Tutoring Center web page 

Sign up for a tutor on the Tutor Trac web page  by clicking on the link below:

Testing Center Accommodations

  • If you need an enlarged test or will be using Kurzweil you will need to contact the testing center in advance during business hours. To contact the testing center, call (208) 496-1751.
  • Schedule a room for private testing by clicking on the following link:
  • To login and schedule a room at the Testing Center, you must be approved to schedule a room before you can login.
  • You will be responsible to obtain your own reader. To get a reader or scribe list, visit the testing center or call (208) 496-1751.