Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new student to BYU-I and to Disability Services. How do I set up accommodations?

You must provide a letter or documentation from your doctor or psychologist that includes two things:

  1. A diagnosis
  2. Any accommodations

Bring that letter or documentation with you when you meet with the director of Disability Services.

After gathering all your information email or call (208) 496-9210 to set up an appointment with the director, who will assist you in creating your accommodation letter that you will be able to take and share with your instructors. It is important to visit with your instructors about accommodations stipulated within your letter.

After I have created my accommodation letters what do I do next?

You will take your printed copies of your accommodation letter, determined upon the number of classes you take to your instructors and visit with each of them about your requested accommodations.

What if I already have my letter of accommodation from a previous semester and I need more for the current semester?

Come by our office and someone can print up more copies of the letter on official letterhead for you to give to your instructors. You do not need to meet with the director unless you are wanting to modify your accommodations.

What are your office hours?

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Closed on Tuesdays from 2pm-3pm (MST) for Devotionals.