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ADHD, ADD, or Other Psychiatric Disorder Diagnosis Form

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This is an optional form for doctors or psychologists to use if they do not have one of their own. These licensed professionals can use this form to give a diagnosis for their patient. If this form is not used, a letter written on professional letterhead from the doctor is acceptable. (We do not accept prescription pad notes.) This form gives specific instructions on the information needed to provide accommodations to the student seeking assistance from this office. Once filled out, the document can be sent to the Disability Services Office email or fax, which can be found at our contact us page.

Release of Information to the Disability Services Office

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This is a form for students to sign  that you would use if you need to have a release for a doctor or college to release your information to our office. When signed, the student gives permission for the Disability Services Office to recieve documentation from another entity.