Brian Kinghorn

Brian Kinghorn

Religious Education Faculty Member

Brian grew up in nearby Sugar City, the oldest of ten children.

After returning home from his mission to Thailand, Brian resumed studies at Ricks College where he met his wife, Debbi. They were married after graduating from Ricks College. Brian received a bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Utah State University and also completed the pre-service program for seminary teachers. He taught seminary in Idaho Falls for 8 years and then joined the Ricks College religion faculty 20 years ago.  Brian also holds a master’s degree from USU. 

Brian has been a bishop twice (once over a campus YSA ward) and is currently serving as the Sugar City Stake president.

Brian and Debbi are joyfully busy with 10 children and three grandchildren.

Spiritual Preparation

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In your life, how has creating something helped you come closer to God?