Upcoming ASC Student Competition

The Associatied Schools of Construction (ASC) Student competition will be from Feburary 8th-11th  in Sparks, NV.

NAHB Two-Year Team

The annual NAHB Student Competition is one of the highlights of the International Builders' Show. During the competition students apply skills learned in the classroom by completing a proposal to manage a real-life construction project. Proposals are submitted to a group of industry professionals who act as judges. During the convention, students defend their proposals to the judges in front of an audience.  

This year's project was sponsored by Tresidio Homes and for the first time in competition history featured a construction site right here in Idaho (Eagle, Idaho).  BYU-Idaho's two-year team comprised of 5 students from the Construction Management Department:  Forrest Bushman, Melissa Pierson, Ryan Moore, Grant Hall, & Zach Flinders. The majority of their work was accomplished during the 2016 Fall semester and required the students to invest large amounts of time outside of their regular school work. While each student would confess to feeling overwhelmed at times, they all agreed that bringing home the trophy made everything worth it.


NAHB Student Competition 2017 Awards


NAHB Four-Year Team

The 4-year team also worked very hard and did a great job at this year's competition. They placed 13th out of a national field of 35 teams.