Explore the various career options that are available with Design and Construction Management degrees.

Why Design and Construction Management?

Why should someone study Design and Construction Management at BYU-Idaho? When BYU-Idaho Alumni were asked if they would seek the same degree again, the Alumni of the Design and Construction Management program gave the program the highest ranking of Alumni from all other programs. 

The Design and Construction Management program also has the highest graduating retention rate of any other major on campus. Out of those who declare their major as Design and Construction Management, 94% stay and graduate with the program.

Construction Management

Construction Management (CM) is the practice of organizing every step of a construction project from conception to completion. It takes a whole team to complete a large construction project and each team member plays a vital role. Construction managers supervise each team member and make sure that they have the resources they need to complete their job. They also supervise employee safety, keep the project under budget, finish on schedule, and ensure that quality standards are met.

  • Estimate cost of projects
  • Work with designers and architects to draft blueprints
  • Ensure quality of projects
  • Supervise electricians, painters, and plumbers
  • Keep a record of employee and subcontractor hours
  • Purchase and evaluate the amount of materials needed
  • Schedule equipment, employees, and subcontracts according to project schedule
  • Obtain necessary paperwork from government, suppliers, architects, and customers

A Construction Manager carries out many tasks to get a project completed. To be properly prepared for this career, students study business, accounting, cost control, project analysis, design, construction project supervision, building modeling, virtual design applications, and more.

Construction Management is a great paying and rewarding career path in which men and women contribute to the creation of new buildings and structures in communities around the world. As of Winter 2017, the average starting salary for a Construction management major at BYU-Idaho was more than $60,000.

Virtual Design and Construction

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) creates and uses virtual 3D models to organize building components, assist in the planning of a construction project, estimate cost, and to communicate the desired results of the project by use of Virtual Reality and other techniques. As of Winter 2017, the average starting salary for a Virtual Design and Construction major at BYU-Idaho was more than $60,000. The average salary of a Virtual Design and Construction Manager is $87,000. According to another source, a VDC manager salary may fall between $46,000 to $98,000.

Career Options

  • Executive leader in a construction firm
  • Project Management of a construction projects
  • Field Engineer or Project Engineer. This position is on the career path to Project Management
  • Superintendent overseeing the day-to-day construction on the jobsite
  • Attorney specializing in construction
  • Real Estate Development
  • Manager of building Information Modeling (Virtual Design and Construction)
  • Architect
  • Owner’s representative or owner’s project manager
  • Loan officer at a bank
  • Insurance industry specializing in construction
  • Bonding and surety specialist
  • Estimator
  • Manager of Pre-Construction Services
  • Construction Safety Supervisor
  • Construction Scheduler
  • Project Controls manager
  • Facilities Management
  • Construction Risk manager
  • OSHA
  • Local building official (Inspector)
  • Own your own Construction Company


Students access a depth of experience provided by faculty who have constructed high-tech manufacturing facilities, remodeled homes, constructed commercial buildings, owned and run businesses, designed temples, managed high-rise construction, and designed university campuses. (link to faculty page)