Get help with classes and discover the degrees offered by the Department of Design and Construction Management.

First Semester

Your first semester at BYU-Idaho can be an intimidating time of change and decision making. We want you to come to college feeling confident and prepared. To help with your transition, we have many resources to get you familiar with the department and school.

You will find a great social atmosphere in the Architecture and Construction Management Society, answers about classes in Advising, and help in understanding our Department.


Architectural Technology Associate Degree

An Associate Degree in Architectural Technology teaches students the basics of the architecture process and the science, technology, material, and methods behind it. Students will obtain a high level of academic and technical abilities from their studies and application.

Construction Management Bachelor Degree

A Bachelor Degree in Construction Management teaches the process of construction from start to finish. Students learn how communication, business, finance, and ethics guide construction. This degree is accompanied with 5 emphases for students to focus their studies.


Learn how construction companies operate and how they manage money, schedules, materials, and a large number of employees.

Environmental Health and Safety

An Environmental Health and Safety emphasis teaches students to be cautious of safety hazards on the job site. This emphasis is recommended for those interested in Inspection or OSHA related careers.

Construction Document

This emphasis teaches students about the many documents required in construction. Students become familiar with all the financial, legal, city permits, payslip, and blueprint documents used to plan, design, estimate, and generally manage.

Heavy Civil/Industrial

An emphasis in Heavy Civil/Industrial Construction is perfect for students that wish to work for large construction firms that specialize in skyscrapers and other large industrial buildings.


This emphasis is perfect for Construction Managers that want to focus their career on building homes, small businesses. Students learn general construction principles and the importance of quality and ethics in their work.

Construction Management Concentration

Students seeking a Bachelor degree in Interdisciplinary Studies can take this group of classes to add a construction focus to their studies.

Architecture Concentration

Students seeking a Bachelor degree in Interdisciplinary Studies can complete this group of classes to add a general knowledge of Architecture to their studies.