Winter 2013

Project 1: Riveting Safety Device Development Workshop

Project 2: Exam Light

Project 3: Spoodle

Project 4: Advanced Medical Solutions: Ovarian Cyst Remover

Project 5: Hinge Development Project


Project 1 Riveting Safety Device Development Workshop

Sponsor: Development Workshop

Team: Tyler Seamons, Jesse Holdaway, Aaron Madsen, Jacob Hill

Project Description: Development workshop employs individuals with disabilities, giving them experience and job opportunities. Previously, clients were not able to use the riveting machine because of safety issues due to the possibility of fingers being injured during operation. The design team was commissioned with creating a safer device, using the original machine. It should still allow clients to be actively involved in the operation of the machine, but not have the risk of injury.


Project 2 Exam Light

Sponsor: Dr. Gary Lovell, Seasons Medical Center

Student Team: Brent Crowther, Cayd Brunson, Dan Cutler, Nathan Keilbart, Kelsey Bernard

Project Description: The customer needed a light that would automatically rise to the right height and turn on, without flipping a switch, when extracted from a drawer. The team was able to develop a light to allow the doctor to not have to handle the light. To make the light automatic the team used a gas piston to give the force necessary to raise the light. The light was turned on and off by a micro switch attached to the light that makes contact when the light is in the lowered position. Correct lengths for the linkages allowed the light to be raised and lowered at the right time to make the light fit into the drawer. The light collapses when the drawer is pushed in.


Project 3 Spoodle

Sponsor: Spirit Aerosystems

Student Team: Tyler Baker, Daniel Bryner, Joe Maestas, Riley Nielson, Brady Wilcox

Project Description: Spirit AeroSystems creates adhesive noodles for the Boeing 787 nose cone fuselage. The noodle is placed in the pocket between the skin and the stringer to reduce stress concentration (see image below). The former at Spirit AeroSystems is inadequate for cutting completely through the charge scrim fibers. The team will design and manufacture a prototype to slice noodles from a preformed adhesive charge.


Project 4 Advanced Medical Solutions: Ovarian Cyst Remover

Sponsor: Dr. Gary Lovell

Student Team: Rachel Jones, Austin Kinghorn, Erik Lindstrom, Nyssa Ramirez, Rob Van Sickle, Sean Walker

Description: Most ovarian cyst surgeries in the United States are done via laparoscopy surgery. This involves making multiple incisions, and using general anesthesia. Because most cysts are filled with fluid, removing them intact is difficult. Cysts may rupture in transport inside the abdomen. If the cyst is cancerous, the fluid could spread cancerous material throughout the body. Dr. Gary Lovell, the sponsor for this project, had an idea to use suction to remove the fluid in the cysts. This would reduce surgery time; reduce recovery time for the patient, and potentially save millions of dollars if used in all surgeries of this type. The team designed a plastic disposable device that could hook up to the vacuum in surgery to suck out the fluid in the cyst. It has a magnifying glass to see while placing the device, a light hookup for a fiber optic light already used in the hospital, and a place for a needle to puncture the cyst.


Project 5 Hinge Development Project

Sponsor: Michael Hymas

Student Team: Bryan Wright, Scott Holt, Mark Campbell, Landon Lines, Stuart Boydston

Project Background: Spirit Aerosystem's manufactures the forward fuselage of the Boeing 787 aircraft from composite materials. One of the production processes is the preparation of tooling bladders. The long tooling bladder rests on flapper doors that are able to swing open in both directions. A heater moves along the length of the tooling bladder to shrink down a film around the tooling bladder. As the heater moves along the bladder, it pushes open the flapper doors.The flapper doors are then supposed to spring back into place to resume supporting the long bladder. There have been problems with these flapper doors returning to the original position as desired. This project is to design a hinge mechanism to spring back the doors to their original position after the heater passes by.