Winter 2012 Projects

Project 1: Assistive Device

Project 2: Dome Technologies

Project 3: Es2 Crane

Project 4: I-Sort

Project 5: Measuring Device

Project 6: Pharmaceutical Packaging

Project 7: Scissor LiftProject 8: Stream Table

topProject 1: Assistive Device

Sponsor: Development Workshop, Inc.

Team: Klint Anderson, Phillip Honzik, Devin Terry and Curtis Denos

Description: The Development Workshop, Inc. employs people with disabilities to manufacture products. One of the products is a tape dispenser which the employees place the non-slip pads on the bottom of the dispenser. The design team was asked to build a device that would allow for simpler pad placement for individuals at the company. Estimated rejection rates, due to poor pad placement, is around 25%. The new device will lower the rejection rate and allow more workers the opportunity in this part of the manufacturing process.

Assistive device Final Design

topProject 2: Dome Technologies

Sponsor: Dome Technologies

Team: Phil Rollins, Warren Jones, Lyle Stratton,  Kenneth Hulet

Description: Dome Technologies specializes in building domes worldwide for a wide range of customers, such as industrial, community, residential and government applications. The design team presented a crane design that could extend up to 220 feet with a 120 extendable boom. The support legs on the lift are foldable to compact under 8 feet to fit the base portion into one container. All of the links of the boom break down to 35 feet and can fit in one container.

Dome Technologies Final Design

Dome Technologies Team

topProject 3: Es2 Crane

Sponsor: Engineering System Solutions

Team: G. Thomas Checketts, Justin Dayley, Brent Griffith, & C. Stryker McCann

Description: Engineering System Solutions (ES2) has been building industrial air-form concrete domes for more than 20 years.  Currently the company uses a standard all terain crane inside each dome to add the layers of concrete and rebar needed to shape the dome. However these cranes were not designed for the range of motion, accuracy and lifting capacity required to effeciently reach every part of the dome.  ES 2 is growing and wants to streamline the manufacturing process with a crane that can meet these demands.

ES2 Manlift Final Design

ES2 Manlift Team

topProject 4: I-Sort

Sponsor: BYU-Idaho Recycling Center

Team: Kenneth Aycock, Ryan Stanley, Brett Stone, & Brandon Beckstrand

Description: The Recycling Center is planning on expanding their operations to include the city of Rexburg and other surrouding communities. The purpose of the project was to develop a modular system for rapidly sorting the increase in materials. The system needed to be modular to allow for its use in the current recycling facility as well as the future facility. The final design for the system is a set of conveyors with a hopper, side guards, safety shutoff switches, and individual Variable Frequency Drives.

I-sort Final Prototype

I-Sort Team

topProject 5: Measuring Device

Sponsor: Beehive Clothing

Team: Brian Hancock, Soyug Paneru, Adam Redford, Reuben Haupt

Description: Clothing is often purchased in the wrong size causing added costs to manufacturers. Behive clothing has experienced this issue with the clothing they produce. They are interested in a device that can assist in the measurement process for customers such that correct sizes are purchased. Current measurements are either measured by hand or an expensive process. This device will help bridge the gap in the market, making it easier and less invasive for customers.

Measuring Device Final Prototype

Measuring Device Team

topProject 6: Pharmaceutical Packaging

Sponsor: Berry Plastics Corporation

Team: Kyle Foster, Austin Terry, Jacob Chapman, Evan Parker

Description: Berry Plastics is a leading manufacturer of of injection-molded packaging with yearly sales of approximately $5 billion. Berry Plastics needs plans and prototypes for new pill dispenser/packaging to be used by people who take medications for conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, birth control, etc. The dispenser must be child resistant, senior friendly and aid users in staying on schedule with their medications. 

Pharmaceutical Packaging Final Prototype Designs

Pharmaceutical Packaging Team

topProject 7: Scissor Lift

Sponsor: Ray Versluys (BYU-I Theater Department)

Team: Daniel Butikofer, Travis Roe, Zachary Lindstrӧm, Andrew Stevens

Description: The design team made several modifications to the Theatre Department scissor lift to meet customer needs: replacement and repositioning of hydraulic cylinder to raise the lift to 10 feet and lift a load of 300 pounds, improvement of wheel and locking system for ease of operation, installation of hydraulic pump extension switch, and several other minor modifications. The lift rises to over 14 feet, and lifts over 300 pounds. The wheel and lock mechanism are much easier engage and disengage.

Scissor Lift Final

Scissor Lift Final and Team

topProject 8: Stream Table

Sponsor: William Little, BYU-IDAHO Geology Department

Team: Branden Pronk, Derek Whipple, Zachary Merrill, Steven Dickson, and Nick Schenk

Description: The Brigham Young University Idaho Geology department is in need of a stream table in order to demonstrate various geological concepts. The department is currently using a small insufficient table that is unable to demonstrate enough concepts. Popular stream tables in the market can sale for up to $70,000. Team Stream has been tasked with designing, building, and testing a stream table that is able to demonstrate the desired concepts for less than competitors' price.

Stream Table Final

Stream Table Team