Winter 2010 Projects

Project 1: Floating Bike Roller System

Project 2: Variable Geometry Mold

Project 3: Material Sorter

Project 4: Electric Bicycle Kit

Project 5: Sensor Pack


topProject 1: Floating Bike Roller System

Sponsor: Garrett Saunders

Team: Greg Nelson, Francisco Avitua, Jesse Meyer, Wayne Nelson, Cody Walk

Description: The floating bike roller system allows a user to ride his or her bicylce indoors. The "floating" aspect of the system refers to the fact that the frame containing the rollers is free to "float" on wheels relative to the outer frame. This feature gives the rider a more realistic riding experience. The system also includes a rack for storing the user's bicycle when not in use.

Roller Bike with Rider

Bike Rollers on CAD

Roller Bike Capstone Team

topProject 2: Variable Geometry Mold

Sponsor: Aaron Schellenberg / BYU-Idaho ME Department

Team: Stephen Staus, Nicholas Hubbard, Ben Decker, Paul Seiter

Description: The variable geometry mold allows a user to create various mold shapes to be used in a vacuum forming process. The mold was created with a field of nails that can be adjusted vertically to form various geometric shapes. Adjustment of the nails is accomplished by driving a helical tool in a vertical milling machine. The variable geometry mold allows a user to create various mold shapes without the need to store multiple molds.

topProject 3: Material Sorter

Sponsor: BYU-Idaho ME Department / ASME Design Competition

Team: Ryan Shaw, Jordon Marquis, Scott Burbank, David Savage

Description: The material sorter was developed for an ASME design competition in which student teams were to design a machine to sort plastic, glass, ferrous metals, and non-ferrous metals. The material sorter needed to be autonomous, meaning that it needed to sort the material without human intervention. The sorter also needed to meet various requirements as outlined in the competition rules, including size restrictions.

Capstone Material Sorter

Capstone Recycle Team

topProject 4: Electric Bicycle Kit

Sponsor: Garth Miller / BYU-Idaho ME Department

Team: Timothy Rainsdon, Jason Flamm, Jonathon Cozzens, Michael Evans, Justin Strasser

Description: The electric bicycle kit provides a means of converting a regular bicycle into an electric-power assisted bicycle. The kit, which includes a battery pack and a friction roller drive system, mounts at the back of a bicycle. A primary goal of the project was to develop a kit that would be less expensive than similar kits on the market, and that would, therefore, appeal to a broader range of consumers.

Capstone Electric Bicycle

Capstone Electric Bicycle

Capstone Electric Bicycle Team

topProject 5: Sensor Pack

Sponsor: JBT Corporation

Team: Nathan Maughan, Charles Folsom, Nicholas Montgomery, Casey Rowland, Ryan Marcroft

Description: Details of this project are not being released at this time due to intellectual property issues and potential patent submissions.