Spring 2012 Projects

Project 1: Vending Machine Redesign

Project 2: Stream Table 2.0

Project 3: Automated Video Dolly

Project 4: Hydroponic Heating System

Project 5: Bear Box

topProject 1: Vending Machine Redesign

Sponsor: U-Turn Vending

Team: Derek Scott, Bryan Dial, Rachel Checketts, Dane Entze

Description: U-Turn Vending has been building and selling candy vending machines since 1988. The team developed a complete redesign for one of the vending machines. The octagon shape used in the redesign made the candy more visible from all angles, and had the appearance of being full of candy in the machine. LEDs were wrapped around the center rod, illuminating the edges of the canisters to draw more attention to the machine. Inserts were added to divide the candy into two sections. The back section would dispense the candy first, giving the appearance that the canister was completely full of candy.

                Vending Machine Final

Vending Machine Team

topProject 2: Stream Table 2.0

Sponsor: BYU-Idaho Geology Department

Team: Todd Westwood, Victor Chu, A.J. Hodges, Daniel Adams

Description: The BYU-Idaho Geology department worked with the capstone students in developing a new stream table. The spring semester design team finished the project and added several features that enabled it to be superior to commercially available tables for a fraction of the cost. This custom table incorporated an adjustable grade for the river's path, a basin of adjustable depth for ocean simulation, a sediment hopper to add sand into the flow from "upriver," a wave maker, six secondary inlets to simulate tributaries and "run-off," and an adjustable camera mount.

Final Product of Stream Table

Stream Table Team

topProject 3: Automated Video Dolly

Sponsor: Mike Jeffs - A/V Production Services

Team: Erik Richardson, Chris Oliphant, Josh Van Tress, Mike Brady,  Ryan Gardner

Description: BYU-Idaho A/V Production Services needed their camera dolly to be modified so that it could be controlled remotely. Dynamic Dolly Solutions' objective was to develop a camera dolly that could be operated by one person and perform all functions of the current dolly system with equal or improved efficiency. The finished product accomplishes the goal of having a single operator.  The operator can drive the dolly with foot pedals so that their hands can remain free for operation of the camera.  With the foot pedal system, the operator can drive the dolly at variable speeds. 

Final Product of the Automated Video Dolly

Video Dolly Team

topProject 4: Biomass Gasification Hydronic Heating Unit  

Sponsor: D.L. Beck Incorporated

Team: Avery Butikofer, Patrick Lewis, Tait Anderson, Ben Claunch, Andrew Baker

Description: D.L. Beck Incorporated is a general contractor based in Rexburg, Idaho. They specialize in concrete placement in every season of the year. Cold temperatures in the winter necessitate a heating system for the concrete to prevent it from freezing. The biomass gasification hydronic heating unit is a cold weather, portable climate control system. This system allows concrete to cure in outside temperatures below freezing while maintaining a minimal core temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Gasification is a process that converts biomass into a usable form of gas. This gas is then used to run both a generator and to heat the glycol that will be used to heat the concrete.

Hydronic Heater System

Concrete Heater Team

topProject 5: Bear Box

Sponsor: Eli Lankford

Team: Scott Custer, Spencer Sorensen, Jonny Holden, Michael Reidhead.

Description: In some cities in Alaska there has been a need to develop a device for training problematic bears. These bears have a tendency to wander into neighborhoods and other areas inside the city limits. In order to deal with these problematic bears, a timed feeding system was desired to train bears to be in specific areas at specific times of the day to be captured. To comply with local laws, the system was required to keep the food contained in the container and not on the ground. A universal kit that can be used on a variety of containers to serve as a bear feeding systems was desired. The Bear Box has a two-channel timer that can be programmed to open and close as many times as desired. It is also very compact so that it will fit on any size container.

Bear Box Final Product front view

Bear Box Final Product back view

Bear Box Team