Spring 2010 Projects

Project 1: Material Testing System

Project 2: Hydraulic Test Panel

Project 3: Bow Positioning System

Project 1 Material Testing System

Sponsor: BYU-Idaho Physics Department

Team: Meg Bouck, Chaz Clark, Eric Hinckley, Benjamin Jones

Project Description: Professor Evan Hansen of the BYU-Idaho physics department has been working with Idaho State University (ISU) in conducting research on the micro-scale defects associated with processes such as shot peening, structural damage due to radiation and material modifications during welding. These defects are measured by placing the sample in front of a detector and then placing a positron source on the surface of that sample. In order to create an accurate map of the surface defect densities. The design team was able to develop a machine that will allow accurate positioning of the sample being measured so that a detailed map of the defects can be constructed. In addition, it will allow the process of positioning the sample and placing the source on the surface of the sample to be automated.

Project 2 Hydraulic Test Panel

Sponsor: Aaron Schellenberg / BYU-Idaho ME Department

Team: Joshua Bracken, Ethan Evensen, Matt Mitchell

Project Description: Team Innovative Hydraulics is a Capstone team that was formed to design hydraulics laboratory equipment for Professor Aaron Schellenberg of the BYU - Idaho M.E. Dept. The base need for this project derives from the ME 465 Fluid Power class taught by Professor Schellenberg and his need for quality laboratory equipment. Team Innovative Hydraulics was formed to re-design the hydraulics laboratory into one, self-sustained, portable, compact, and clean unit.

Project 3 Bow Positioning System

Sponsor: Eli Lankford

Team: Joe Davis, Marc McAvoy, Steven Sheffield

Project Description: Compound bows are tuned by adjusting cams and the number and placement of ancillary components. The Hooter Shooter allows consistent firing to remove human error.