The Department of Theatre and Dance offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance. This degree is designed to prepare students to find successful career opportunities as a dance professional. During their studies students will acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to become a highly qualified and sound dance educator. The Department of Theatre and Dance also offers a Minor degree, a Concentration and a cluster in Dance.


Central Aims

1. Provide opportunities for the student to develop spiritually, artistically, intellectually and physically. This is accomplished through our desire to emphasize gospel principles, personal integrity, individual enrichment and sensitivity to multiple perspectives.
2. Graduates with a BA in Dance will have a versatile, but quality foundational experience to begin a career in dance as a dance educator.
3. Students will learn through dance that they can become better individuals by living the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, enhancing their roles as creative and artistic individuals, church members, citizens and parents.
4. Our goal is to challenge students to become individual thinkers, serve the community and make artistic efforts that reflect a richly complex and diverse global perspective


A graduate in dance should be able to:
1. identify and work conceptually with the physical, emotional and theoretical elements of composition, style, pedagogy and performance.
2. demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of the body based on kinesiologically applied movement principles, somatic understanding and historical context within an LDS perspective.
3. exhibit performance and/or instructionalproficiency in modern/contemporary dance coupled with an awareness and appreciation of all genres of dance.
4. develop, articulate and defend analytical evaluations based on individual experience and synthesis within a diverse global framework.
5. continue academic and performance studies of dance in graduate school (see below).
6. access employment in teaching, choreography and performance (see below).
Successful graduates in dance are well suited for careers in performance and choreography on dance companies and in freelance settings.  Acquired skills also permit the teaching of dance at public schools, private dance studios, community theatre, fitness centers teaching dance technique, composition, improvisation, body conditioning, health and fitness.  With additional schooling and licensure a graduate could proceed into higher education teaching, dance history, research, specialized dance and integrated movement therapy. Graduates may also be suited to work in areas of arts management / administration, public relations, personal consulting, dance criticism, community and outreach work.


    The integrated Baccalaureate degree in Dance at BYU-Idaho allows a student to choose a minor or two clusters in a suggested field of study. The suggested fields of study are: Accounting, Business, Communications, Exercise Science, Health Science, Music, or Recreational Leadership.


    Dance Major Status:

    The Department of Theatre and Dance has a first-year open enrollment policy for all students to attempt the Dance BA degree. Students may initially declare a Dance Major at the time of application to the University. However all declared Dance Majors whether new, continuing, or transfer students are considered as "Prospective Dance Majors" until they are formally accepted by the department into the Dance BA Program. Formal acceptance will be made after the successful completion of a proficiency audition.
    Students are encouraged to audition during their Freshman year, preferrably during their first semester.
    Written applications should be submitted no later than one week prior to auditions. Both the number of sections and available faculty assignments and resources limit the number of majors accepted annually. Students will be notified of their status a few weeks after the audition and after the certification of the completed required courses.
    Students who have declared themselves majors but have not been accepted will need to change their major to something other than Dance. Students who have not completed the change of major by the first day of the next semester will have their major changed automatically to General Studies (399). Only those students accepted as Dance Majors may enroll in many upper level dance classes that require major status for registration. Students who are not accepted for a Dance Major may use the accomplished classes toward requirements for a Dance Minor or Cluster.
    Each semester all students enrolled in the dance major must complete a jury examination to determine the final grade and advancement within the degree. The juried performance consists of a demonstration of modern/contemporary dance technique acquired in class. Students must successfully pass all juries as required in order to advance. In addition to technical movement and achievement, advancement is also dependent on department involvement and demonstrated personal responsibility.

        For more information  on Dance Major Auditions:

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