New Guidelines for Sr. Capstone Projects

February 24, 2014
Writer: Dance Office

The following guidelines were recently approved by the Dance Faculty for the Dance Senior Capstone. They will apply to all Dance Majors including both the Choreography and Performance Emphasis and the Pedagogy Emphasis.

Faculty Approved Guidelines for Senior Capstone Projects

  • All project proposals rest on an approval from Faculty mentors in DA 350 and DA 403.

  • A minimum of 50 hours of work will be required for any project.

  • Several modes of research are available to students that will be discussed in DA 350. The projects should be a culmination of their time as a BYU Idaho Dance Major and their chosen project should be a reflection of that and their future goals. Certain courses must be taken to enable certain research paths (check with your advisor if you have questions). Capstone projects cannot begin until after the DA 350 course has been complete and after the proposal has been approved.

  • Capstone projects cannot be retroactive research. By definition a capstone is the final block that is placed on top of a construction project to tie the whole structure together. It will be the final stage of the Dance Major's educational experience at BYUI.

  • All projects will require a formal presentation, a Final Reflection Paper, given to all dance faculty and the department chair, and all majors will also complete an exit interview.