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Dance - Major, Concentration, Minor, & Cluster

The Dance Area offers a Bachelors of Arts degree (B.A.) in Dance with two separate and unique areas of emphasis.

  • The Performance Emphasis (655-168) prepares students for career opportunities, or continued studies, as a performer and/or choreographer in contemporary dance.
  • The Pedagogy Emphasis (655-169) prepares students for career opportunities, or continued studies, in teaching, directing, and research in a chosen style or area of focus.

Both areas of emphasis require an application, audition, and interview.

In addition to these two options, the Dance Area also offers:

  • an Interdisciplinary Arts Concentration (DA 131),
  • a Minor (183),
  • and a Cluster (5100) in dance studies,
none of which have an audition requirement.

These courses of study will provide the opportunity for students to gain the skills and understanding necessary to assist them in their dance-related career goals.

Dance Major

The Department of Theatre and Dance has a first-year open enrollment policy for all students to attempt the Dance BA degree. Students may initially declare a dance major at the time of application to the University. However all declared dance majors whether new, continuing, or transfer students are considered as "Prospective Dance Majors" until they are formally accepted by the Department into the Dance BA program. Formal acceptance will be made after the successful completion of a proficiency audition.

Students are encouraged to audition during their Freshman year, preferrably during their first semester.

Written applications should be submitted no later than one week prior to auditions. Both the number of sections and available faculty assignments and resources limit the number of majors accepted annually. Students will be notified of their status a few weeks after the audition.

Students who have declared themselves majors but have not auditioned and  been accepted will need to change their major to something other than Dance.

Students who have not completed the change of major by the first day of the next semester will have their major changed automatically to General Studies (399). Only those students accepted as Dance Majors may enroll in many upper level dance classes that require major status for registration. Students who are not accepted for a Dance Major may use the accomplished classes toward requirements for a Dance Minor or Cluster.

Each year all students enrolled in the dance major must complete a jury examination to determine advancement within the degree. This will occur at the completion of the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th semesters. The juried performance consists of a solo demonstration of dance technique ( 2nd semester solo=60 seconds, 4th semester solo=90 seconds, 6th semester solo=2 minutes and 8th semester solo=3 minutes), a review of the student's portfolio, and an interview.  Students must successfully pass all juries as required in order to advance. In addition to technical movement and achievement, advancement is also dependent on department involvement and demonstrated personal responsibility.

The following rubrics will be used for the competency examinations:

First Year Rubric

Second/Third Year Rubric

Third/Fourth Year Rubric

Dance Majors will be required to maintain an Academic Portfolio. This portfolio will be kept by the student and presented at each jury examination. Incoming freshmen will begin compiling the items for their portfolio when they audition for and are accepted as a Dance Major.

Porfolios will include:

  • Faculty Competency Reviews from each technique class. Majors in the  Choreography & Performance Emphasis should be enrolled in a technique class (DA 240, DA 340, DA 440 or DA 443) every semester. Instructor feedback from these classes must be included. Majors in the Pedagogy Emphasis must include instructor feedback from all movement classes.
  • Concert reviews. Dance Majors will be required to attend all Dance Concerts while enrolled. Suggested Concert Synopsis Questions and Outline are posted at These will be turned in to be graded by your technique class instructor and then included in the portfolio.
  • Philosophy and Research Papers. This includes papers from DA 350, DA 356, DA 402, DA 442, DA 495 and DA 496. It also includes the Major's Capstone proposal and review.
  • Choreography/Performance Reviews from peers and choreographers. The Choreographer Review Rubric is posted at We hope this will give the Dance Major feedback and inspire more responsibility.
  • Dance Community Student Participation Reviews. This includes the Dance Major's  participation in Dance Alliance, , Choreography Showcase, Senior Capstone numbers, etc. A Student Participation Rubric is posted at We want our Dance Majors to be out, involved, and working. This is part of becoming an artist.
The Juries and Academic Portfolio will provide a better way to track the Dance Major's progression, help improve the Dance Major's focus on the process, and help the Dance Major get the most from their experiences as a Dance Major.

Audition Information

Fall Semester Dance Major Proficiency Auditions will be held October 24, 2015, at 8:00 a.m. in MC 202.

An information meeting for all interested in auditioning will be September 24, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. in the MC Little Theater (MC 372).

For additional information and an audition schedule, click here.

Before auditioning, you must fill out and submit a Dance Major Application one week prior to the audition date. The deadline for submitting applications for Fall semester is Monday, October 19, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. Please submit applications to Angela Donnelly, the Dance Faculty Office Assistant.

The following Rubric will be used for the Major Auditions:

Dance Major Audition Rubric

Concentration, Minor, & Cluster

For additional information reguarding the Dance Major, Concentration, Minor, or Cluster please see the catalog.