The Dance Department provides valuable resources to help current students attain scholarships, find internships, and succeed in advisory juries.

Group of dancers perform a complicated group lift onstage.


Dance scholarships are offered to students who are Dance Majors and taking at least 14 credits, with at least 12 of those in the dance program.

Scholarship Application


Dance internships will provide dance students with unique professional exposure that can't be found in the classroom. The experiences gained during an internship will help dance students make decisions about future careers in the dance world.

Students should be aware that it may take some time to find an internship that fits their schedule, interests, and career goals. Plan enough time to find an internship, complete necessary pre-requisites, and get approval. 

All dance internships must be pre-approved and registered for before a student begins their internship experience. To be approved, students need to complete necessary prerequisites and complete an internship approval form on I-Plan. After approval, a master agreement will be emailed to the internship provider. It is then the student's responsibility to ensure that their internship provider submits the master agreement. More detailed information can be found on the Internship webpage.

Getting Approved

Advisory Juries

Every dance student will need approval of the Advisory Jury to advance class levels. It's required to meet with the advisor every second semester (2nd, 4th, 6th) for the student's first three years. Meeting this requirement will fulfill their completion of an advisory jury. To determine a student's readiness to advance, advisors examine the student's progress and review their portfolio. The portfolio includes the following:

  • Competency reviews

  • Jury feedback

  • Concert critiques

  • Papers and assignments from various courses

  • Record of performing experiences (on and off campus) during the student's studies

  • Reviews and feedback from performances

  • Reviews and feedback from teaching opportunities

In a student's 8th or final semester, a final advisory jury is conducted by the entire dance faculty in an interview setting.