Web Support Resources

Revised:    May 22, 2012

The task and responsibility of planning, building, evaluating, migrating, and maintaining BYU-Idaho websites ultimately comes down to each individual department and office on campus. With this being the case, it is essential that web managers and department heads be proactive in keeping sites up-to-date, so as to maintain the communicative benefit of having a website and web system in place.

It is the responsibility of the IT and University Communications (UC) offices to provide you with the tools needed to effectively communicate your message(s) online.

Competence using the tools and training to become confident in web maintenance is a joint responsibility between web managers and builders, and the IT and UC offices. By setting aside some time each day, week, or month to train or practice using these web tools, you can stay on top of the ever-evolving technologies necessary to deliver a 21st Century education.


The following are a list of useful resources to help you become self-reliant web builders on the Ingeniux platform:

  • Online Web Training Handbook: University Communications have provided some basic tutorials and instructions regarding web building practices and processes on Ingeniux. For more background information on the vision of our current web migration, these slides may be useful.
  • BYU-I Online Web Development Community: Each web builder is required to enroll in this web dev google group; when you have incidental questions on web building, or solutions that may answer questions or otherwwise benefit the group, post them on this e-mail list. In the future, a more structured web community will be created which automatically enrolls all those with web building access.
  • Web Builder Workshops: Once you have a documented web strategy, and access to Ingeniux, you can start to attend these bi-weekly workshops in the McKay Library.
  • Faculty Technology Center (FTC): Web builders representing academic departments can contact the FTC (Ext. 7230) for assistance with content building queries.
  • I.T. Helpdesk: For incidental or low level content building queries, and for technical hardware issues, contact the helpdesk on Ext. 9000.
  • CTO Lab: For general web migration questions, contact the CTO Lab Web Audit Team at ctolab@byui.edu.