BYU-I Web Organization


  • For more details on these different roles, please see "Creating Site Plans" for more specific information; (depending on the size and scope of your office's operations, the above bracketed section could be handled all by one individual, to upwards of 5+ people).
  • IT and UC Web Services act as the coaliton soverign of BYU-Idaho's public web content. The IT Support group consists of the Helpdesk, FTC, and CTO Lab's Web Audit Team in addition to the systems support staff of the IT office.
  • Each office/department, or unit entity is free to act autonomously in its web building endevors, within the guidelines provided by IT & UC. The Web Manager is a permanent employee assigned by the department head to perform in that capacity.
  • Anyone with access to Ingeniux is a part of the BYU-I web development community and should be signed up in the group.
  • As end-users of each others' sites, feel free to critique or provide feedback to other departments about the effectiveness, strength, errors, and weaknesses  of their site and pages. If the role of web manager can be officially added and tied to individuals' job descriptions, these could be listed in the university organizational chart. For current feedback on specific sites, please use this link, and specify the url of each page in question.