Ingeniux Web Migration

Revised:    May 22, 2012

This webpage offers supplemental information regarding the current "web migration" efforts across campus, of transferring and updating websites from the old Web editor to the new Ingeniux platform. The embedded documents on this page may have already been e-mailed out to the department heads and web managers for each office around campus, but are useful for all those engaged in the maintenance and creation of BYU-Idaho's public web content. It is strongly recommended that all web managers read thoroughly through and be familiar with all information on the Ingeniux Migration Instruction Sheet.

Ingeniux Migration
Instruction Sheet

Basic Site Plan Example
(Site Plan Example here)

CTO Lab Web Audit Team
Migration Process

Role of the CTO Lab in Web Migration

In the past, the university's approach to web strategy has evolved from being owned and operated by the I.T. Office, to being taken care of by University Communications; as of now there is shared sovereignty between the two offices, and the CTO Lab's Web Audit Team acts as the bridge between the two. The team has been tasked with conducting a detailed audit of all of the university's existing public web content and is in the process of visiting each department and office on campus to do the following:

  1. Identify web managers and builders for each published website. If none exists, each department must assign a staff member as a web manager to be responsible for the maintenance of each site and page. The buiding and updating of sites can be outsourced to students, but a staff member is to be recognized within the department as the primary contact for that office's web strategy.

  2. Evaluate the current status of the website, and assist web managers in successfully transferring and updating each site into the Ingeniux platform. The audit team will also follow up, and assist if necessary, with the documentation of a site plan or architecture.

This small Web Audit Team of three do not build the sites for departments, but coordinate the support efforts between the various offices and stakeholders. As there is no dedicated web building team on campus, depending on your needs and situation, different entities on campus will need to be contacted to help campus departments and offices build, maintain and publish their sites. Please click on Web Support Resources for more on this.