What is the CTO Lab?
The CTO Lab (created in the W12 semester) is a group of student employees working directly under Spalding Jugganaikloo, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) here at BYU-Idaho. We essentially function as an IT project think-tank, and work with various campus stakeholders to develop, improve and assist with expanding the mission of the IT Office in a "sandbox-style" environment.

How do we function?
Each member of the CTO Lab team is assigned a mentor from the IT Office staff to assist them in the exploration or development of project experiments or tasks. The lab students work both individually and together as a group to brainstorm fresh ideas and solutions for the university's IT needs. Ideas are researched and projects critiqued through an approval process before possibly moving on to development, testing, and implementation phases.

How YOU can help:
Here in the CTO Lab we realize that some of the best ideas come from those that are using the technology products and systems on a daily basis. In order to "democratize" the brainstorming process for new projects and experiments, we want to hear from you. If you have any suggestions, comments, or general feedback on BYU-Idaho's IT hardware, software, systems or practices, please send us an email at ctolab@byui.edu. In the past we have researched, developed and implemented ideas from students and staff, so your suggestions really can help.

Have an Idea?

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