Hostility Checklist

Answer each of the following statements either True or False.  If you can answer true to any of these statements, your vulnerability for cardiovascular disease is increased.

  1. When driving, I get irritated at drivers who cut me off or drive too slowly.  I frequently blow my horn and try to pass them.
  2. I react with gestures, raised voice, and increased heart rate when someone does something incompetent, messy, inconsiderate, or unfair or after an irritating encounter.
  3. I think cashiers will shortchange me if they can.
  4. I feel my anger is justified.  I feel an urge to punish people – plot to get back at them.
  5. I frequently feel irritated when I stand in line or drive.
  6. I like to have the last word in an argument.
  7. In a checkout express line, if the person in front of me has more items than the limit, I get frustrated.
  8. If I see a nonhandicapped person park in a handicapped driver’s space, I feel anger inside.
  9. When I am angry, I keep things bottled-up inside, pout, and sulk.