Self-Test for Perfectionsim

This list is a guide to help you determine the degree of perfectionism in yourself. Check the statements that apply to you and click "Submit".

check I place excessive demands on myself.
check Others would describe me as a perfectionist.
check I often obsess about the details of a task, even though it may not be important.
check I am annoyed when others don't act or behave as well as I do (for example, being on time, keeping order, etc.)
check I am very organized in one or more areas of my life.
check I get very upset with myself if I make a mistake.
check I often have a mental list of things I "should be doing".
check I never seem to be doing enough.
check I tend to notice error in myself or others before I notice the positive.
check I have an "all or nothing" philosophy: If I can't do it all or do it well, why bother?
check I am devastated by criticism.
check I have difficulty making decisions.