Depression Screening: Take this online test to find out if you are depressed.

Symptoms or Signs of Depression

    How to Stay Spiritually Connected

    • Pray often, and always as if your Heavenly Father was nearby.
    • Study the scriptures from a personal point of view as your needs dictate, either topically or chronologically.
    • Read a church book on a favorite topic.
    • Take a walk in nature and appreciate the works of God.
    • Listen to or read a Conference talk.
    • Sing and listen to favorite sacred music.
    • Take a religion class and participate in class.
    • Realize that you are a child of God and have eternal worth.
    • Participate in temple service.
    • Forgive yourself and others.

    How to Help a Friend

    Three Empirically-Proven Interventions

    1. Gratitude letter and visit:

    Write a thoughtful, heart-felt letter of thanks to someone who has made a significant difference in your life (someone you haven't thanked before). If at all possible, deliver this letter in person.

    2. Three good things:

    At the end of the day, look back and acknowledge three good things that happened during the day and acknowledge why they happened (in other words, "count your blessings").

    3. Using signature strengths of character in novel ways:

    Take the Values in Action Survey. Identify your personal strengths. Use them in novel (new) ways.


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