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Self-Test for Assertiveness

This is a self-test to help you determine whether your typical style of communication is assertive, unassertive, or aggressive.  Check the statements that apply to you and click "Submit".

check I am able to recognize and express my good points.
check I often brag and make unrealistic claims about my good points.
check I feel guilty when I stand up for my rights or express my feelings.
check I sometimes make other people look or feel stupid, small, or afraid.
check I let other people take unfair advantage of me.
check I do not express my views and feelings.
check I often ignore another person's rights.
check I am able to express negative feelings about other people and what they do without being abusive or cruel.
check Frequently I take unfair advantage of other people.
check I am able to receive compliments without denying them.
check I have difficulty saying "no" when I do not want to say "yes" to someone's request.
check I often make unreasonable demands of other people.
check I usually stand up for my own rights and let other people do the same.
check I often monopolize conversations.
check I have difficulty making reasonable requests of other people.
check I am able to start or carry on conversations comfortably.
check I have difficulty recognizing and expressing my good points.
check I rarely stand up for my rights.
check I can ask for what is rightfully mine.
check I can take criticism without becoming defensive.
check Sometimes I become physically or verbally abusive when I am angry with someone or when I am criticizing someone.
check I can easily express positive feelings about other people and what they do.
check I cannot comfortably start or carry on conversations.
check I usually feel good at first about getting my way but feel guilty later as a result of how I went about it.