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Groups Offered

Groups Offered

Group therapy is often the treatment of choice for many of the issues studnets face. Groups provide students with an opportunity to meet in a safe, supportive setting with other students who share similar concerns and issues.

All group counseling is by referral of a counselor within our office; therefore, a student must first schedule an individual appointment with a counselor before they may attend any of the group sessions offered at the Counseling Center. Together, you and your assigned counselor will determine which group will best meet your needs. To schedule an individual appointment with a counselor, call (208) 496-9370.

Anxiety/Stress Management Workshop

Do you feel overwhelmed by the level of stress in your life? We can teach you some basic techniques to help you deal with this. We cover many topics, including sleep, worry, relationships, relaxation and time management.


Is life feeling out of control? This is a group for people who struggle with Obseessive Compulsive Disorder. We meet together and practice Exposure and Response Prevention techniques, which have been proven to be the most effetive treatment for OCD.

Understanding Self and Others

Are you looking to understand more about yourself and how you relate to other people? This group is focused on the interactions we have with others, and how we can make them more meaningful. We highlight finding things in common, showing empathy, taking risks and practicing new social behaviors. This group is helpful for those with depression or issues of low self worth as well.

Women's Issues Group

Do you feel like an addiction is ruining your life? This group is intended for women who struggle with various sexual behaviors or addictions. We meet weekly and base the group on sound psychological and gospel principles.

Men's Issues Group

Have you struggled with controlling your behaviors? This group is intended for men who struggle with various sexual behaviors or addictions, including pornography use and masturbation. We meet weekly and base the group on sound psychological and gospel principles.

Spouse's Support Group

Feeling fed up? Handling a loved one's addiction can be difficult. This group is designed to support spouses or anyone in a serious relationship with a man who struggles with addiction to pornography and related problems. We focus on understanding the addiction process and coping skills to help you continue a healthy relationship.