Online Teaching Endorsment

Admission Requirements

Currently admitted to BYU-Idaho:

If you are currently admitted to BYU-Idaho, no application is necessary. Simply register for classes.

Not currently admitted to BYU-Idaho:

Important Guidelines:

1. All parts of the Continuing Education Application must be received two weeks prior to the first day of the semester in which you wish to enroll. The application consists of three main parts:

  • Student Information
  • Educational Plans
  • Student Commitment & Ecclesiastical Endorsement

2. If you skip a semester, you must reapply.

3. You are not eligible for many full-time student services including housing. You are not eligible to live in approved housing and must make other arrangements. For assistance, contact the Housing Department at 208-496.9220.

You can access the application at

For admissions questions please call the Admissions Office at 208-496-1300 or email us: You can even chat with us online.