Community Connections

What is the future of Community Connections?

In July of 2012 an announcement was made by President Fenton L. Broadhead, Academic Vice President, regarding a reallocation of resources and programming that previously was under the stewardship of Community Connections. President Broadhead's announcement is below. AFY has since been transfered to the stewardship of the Badger Creek Outdoor Learning Center, which now falls in the Student Activities department.

If you have questions about Adventure for Youth (AFY), Outdoor Youth Adventure (OYA), or Leadership for Life (LFL), please visit the Outdoor Learning Center's website found at or call 208-456-2531 or e-mail

If you have any questions regarding the EFY Program please contact EFY in Provo by calling (801) 422-3817 or visiting their website at

If you have any questions about Education Week please visit the Education Week web site at or call University Relations at 208-496-3100

If you have questions about the Graduate School Test Prep courses please view the Continuing Education website at or call 208-496-1250.

The BYU-Idaho Home and Family Conference has also been disbanded so the University can focus more on its goals and purpose.

Dear Campus and Community Patrons:

Brigham Young University - Idaho is in a remarkable period of growth and innovation.  Every year we find new ways to fulfill the university's imperatives, one of which is to serve more students both on campus in Rexburg as well as in online programs and degrees.

In an effort to meet BYU-Idaho's future growth demands, control costs, and provide an education to even more students, the university has decided to reallocate resources from the Community Connections Department.  Events and programs already scheduled for 2012 will continue as planned, after which the following changes will be made:

  • Badger Creek Outdoor Learning Center program will be handled by Student Activities
  • EFY and Adult Religion Classes (ARC) will be administered by BYU
  • Graduate School Test Prep courses will be offered by BYU-Idaho Continuing Education
  • Family History Conferences, Learn to Swim and non-credit classes will be discontinued
  • BYU-Idaho will no longer oversee AFY, or the annual Merit Badge Pow Wow.

On behalf of the university, I express deep appreciation to those who have supported these programs in the past.


Fenton L. Broadhead, Academic Vice President