Comm 175: Communication Essentials

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Register for Comm 175: Communication Essentials to put a spark in your relationships, electrify your college experience, energize your influence and jump-start your career.

  • Course Code: Comm 175
  • The best of Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking
  • 2-credit class

Course Description

This course is intended for Non-Communication majors. Its purpose is to give students a basic grounding in interpersonal communication and public speaking skills and principles. Students will understand the communication processes of listening, gender differences, managing conflict, and non-verbal communication. Additionally, students will develop confidence in preparing and delivering effective presentations and speeches. As an extensive body of research has shown, these skills to contribute significantly to success in all aspects of the student's professional and personal life--in family, Church, and workplace relationships. 

By the end of the semester, you should be able to:
  1. Apply core communication skills and principles in a variety of roles and contexts. 
  2. Deliver a variety of public speeches.
  3. Take first steps toward becoming caring, competent and confident communicator.
Public Speeches:  Three to four speeches will be required; some to be delivered before the entire class; some to be delivered in front of a smaller group of peers.
Use of The Presentation Practice Center will be required.
Misc. Assignments, with points attached to assignments, will be part of this course.
Other items:
        Perception Checks
        Listening Skills
        Whitney Summit Notes
        Self and PeerEvaluations
Purchase a Quick Study Academic Outline for Public Speaking.  
Utilize a collection of online readings developed by Communication Department faculty found in the Course Documents section of BrainHoney.
Class discussions and activities along with assigned readings are required in class and on discussion boards.
Comments on at least three classmate's posts are required which will always be graded on your online interaction.