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Are you an employer looking for communication interns? Please send information about your position to faculty member Joel Judkins, internship coordinator for the department, at judkinsj@byui.edu. Please include these details:

  • Organization name 
  • Organization URL
  • Job description
  • Candidate requirements
  • Position's start and end dates
  • Work schedule
  • Office location 
  • Details about whether a student is required to work on-site or whether remote work is an option
  • Remuneration details 
  • Application instructions
  • Hiring manager's name and contact information (We need this for the university's job database, but we won't include it in the posting itself unless you ask us to.)
  • The name and title of the intern's supervisor, as well as a description of his or her communication expertise. (Positions that are not supervised by someone with communication expertise will not be approved by the Communication Department as an internship, so a student filling that position would not receive academic credit.)
  • Other details you wish to include

Thank you for taking BYU-Idaho Communication students into consideration for your internship positions.

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Academic Discovery Center: Career Services



MC 129

Academic Discovery Center: Internship Office




MC 129

Brother Joel Judkins, Communication Department Internship Coordinator



Spori 245

Companies with more than 100 employees made full-time job offers to 69 percent of their interns in 2012. —Internships.com