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DCM 140 Visualization & Communication

DCM 140 Visualization & Communication

  • 3 Credits
  • Available Fall, Winter, & Spring Semester
  • No Pre-requisite or concurrent courses required


Design Thinking is a method of team problem solving that requires clear communication. Students will learn the visual communication skills of drawing & sketching, brainstorming & mind mapping, and building basic prototypes from diverse materials and tools. Students will also be introduced to the concept of communication using logic, order, process, negotiation, and compromise. Successful completion of the course will provide the student with the tools to communicate effectively in groups or individually within any discipline.  The course is taught in a non-conventional classroom method that allows the student a safe environment to develop communication skills, with or without words, in a group setting.


Learning Outcomes:


·      Develop competence in drawing and sketching ideas using electronic and traditional media.

·      Develop competence in group brainstorming and mind mapping using electronic and traditional media.

·      Efficiently use diverse materials and tools to produce basic prototypes of design solutions.

·      Demonstrate the ability to communicate using clear verbal communication.

·      Demonstrate the ability to communicate using appropriate body language.

·      Demonstrate visual and verbal logic, order, and process.

·      Demonstrate the ability to negotiate and compromise ideas.

·      Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of self-deception and how to improve interpersonal relationships.