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DCM 110 Design Thinking & Innovation

DCM 110 Design Thinking and Innovation

  • 3 Credits
  • Available Fall, Winter, & Spring Semester
  • No Pre-requisite or concurrent courses required


Have you ever wondered where the BIG ideas come from? Do you think outside the box? Are you more hands-on than seat-in-chair? Have you ever thought of a better mouse trap?

Design Thinking is quickly becoming the problem-solving protocol of choice in business, software development, industrial design, education, and interior design. This method is used by leading consulting firms such as IDEO®, Frog Design®, and Adaptive Path® to produce innovative solutions to complex human-centered problems. This course introduces the student to the process used in the Design Thinking mindset. Aesthetic or artistic ability is not required to successfully achieve the learning outcomes of this course.

Students will learn through group projects in a relaxed and creative atmosphere, how to understand the people they are designing for, how to focus on a problem, develop multiple solutions, build prototypes of the solution, and then test their prototypes with others. A discussion on self-deception and interpersonal relationships will also be addressed. Successful completion of the course will provide the student with the tools to solve real-world problems in any discipline. The course is taught in a non-conventional classroom method that allows the student a safe environment to develop creative confidence and design agency.


Learning Outcomes:

·      Develop the design thinking mindset to solve problems.

·      Develop a bias for action.

·      Increased ability to empathize with others.

·      Develop creative confidence and design agency.

·      Successfully work in a diverse team.

·      Increase comfort with risk and failure.

·      Apply the BYU-Idaho learning model to the design thinking method.