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Design Thinking

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Is Design Thinking really the #1 skill your Future Boss wants you to have?

That is what our research says. When we set out to develop a new interdisciplinary design experience for BYU-Idaho, we wanted to be sure it would give the student essential tools needed to bridge the gap between school and career. We believe Design Thinking does just that.


What is Design Thinking?

It is really hard to explain in a few words what Design Thinking is. In a nutshell, Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to solving problems using an organized method of defining the problem by observing and empathizing with the people who are impacted by it, generating multiple solutions, prototyping one of the solutions, and then testing it. Design thinking is used in all industries from mechanical engineering, business, and healthcare to education, art, and design. In fact, many top universities offer Design Thinking courses as a supplement to their graduate programs.

To get a fast overview of Design Thinking, we recommend visiting our Videos and Links page.

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How will it be taught?

Our approach to Design Thinking will follow Stanford's d.School® (the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design) method mixed with a unique BYU-Idaho classroom experience. Design Thinking is a new way to solve problems and we think the way we teach it should be just as innovative and exciting.

You may have seen our yard signs around campus. We are serious about breaking the traditional rules of the classroom; in fact, we are wondering if we should even use classrooms ...

Breaking Rules Texting in class Dumb Questions Doodlers Welcome Talking in Class Writing on Walls Failure Required

Each course will have it's own instructional method with a common theme of team work and "radical collaboration." We have created three courses -- Design Thinking & Innovation, Design Relevance, and Visualization & Communication -- to prepare students for the final course in the cluster, Collaborative Design & Innovation Studio. This capstone class will provide an experience similar to the IDEO shopping cart video found on our Video & Links page. Each of the first three courses can be taken in any order or all at the same time. The fourth course can only be taken after the first three have been successfully completed.

How do I enroll?

1. Log into myBYUI

2. Click on "Student" tab

3. Click on "Course Search"

4. Type "DCM" into the "Course Code" field

5. Select the class you desire (DCM 110, DCM 130, or DCM 140)