University of Idaho

BYU-Idaho Chemistry department welcomes Dr. Ray von Wandruszka to Campus.  Dr. von Wandruszka will be coming on Campus to present a seminar to the Chemistry department about the current research that he is doing at University of Idaho.  He will also bring with him his vast knowledge of what U of I has to offer graduating BYU-I chemistry students.  The title of his seminar is "Archaeological Chemistry".

Please join us for an exciting seminar on Sept 28, 2017 at 2:00 pm in ROM 262. 

Refreshments will be served.

His title is: "Archaeological Chemistry". A brief description (not an actual 'abstract') would read something like this: Historical archaeologists in North America recover artifacts that are typically 50 - 250 years old. The objects in question are often bottles or jars containing substances that defy visual identification and need to be chemically analyzed. The chemical detective work required for this can be challenging, but is always interesting and sometimes leads to discoveries that are outright hilarious. The exercise is highly motivating for undergraduate students and therefore makes an excellent teaching tool.

Dr. Ray von Wandruszka website

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