Student Employment

Student employment positions available in the Chemistry department:

Stockroom Assistant: Set up and take apart the labs for chemistry classes.  Some chemistry experience is preferred. Applicants with experience will be considered first.      Stockroom Assistant putting away glaseware
     Lab TA working with students in lab Lab TA: Be in the lab assisting the students with questions on procedure, write-up, etc.  You must have previously taken, and done well in, the lab you will be assisting in.
Grader: You will be assigned to a specific chemistry faculty member who will then ask you to help them with different tasks that need to be done. Some examples may be correcting labs, correcting tests, possibly some data entry, etc.      Grader grading homework
Student employees work up to 10 hours per week in any one, or combination of positions that they are qualified for.  For example, an employee may spend up to 4 hours a week as a lab assistant, 4 hours a week as a teacher assistant, and 2 hours a week in the stockroom, or any other combination that fits into their schedule.
Student Employment Application
If you are interested in being employed by the Department of Chemistry, please visit the BYUI job board ( Jobs are typically listed for the upcoming semester during registration. If you have any questions please contact Mike Wood at