Seminar- BYU Provo

The Chemistry Department welcomes Adam Wooley, PhD from Brigham Young University to the BYU-Idaho Campus.  Dr. Wooley will be presenting a seminar for all Chemistry/Biochemistry Majors and Faculty.  The title of his lecture is:

"Integrated Microfluidic Devices for Biomolecular Analysis"

The seminar will be held in the Romney Building, Room 277, from 2:00-3:00 pm.  Refreshments will be served. 

A discussion about BYU graduate programs will be held right after the seminar in ROM 270.  Pizza will be provided.

his website:  

resent papers:

On chip preconcentration and fluorescence labeling of model
proteins by use of monolithic columns: device fabrication,
optimization, and automation

Pressure-actuated microfluidic devices for electrophoretic
separation of pre-term birth biomarkers

Microfluidic devices for label-free and noninstrumented
quantitation of unamplified nucleic
acids by flow distance measurement†

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