Research Presentation by Brae V Petersen, Kishor Prasain, Kei Furukawa, and David C Collins

July 19, 2013
Writer: Brenda Pincock

Simultaneous chromatography and electrophoresis (SCE) is a novel and developing two-dimensional separation technique that uses electrophoresis and thin-layer chromatography to separate compounds. Present instrument designs create an undesirable non-uniform electric field across the thin-layer plate, detrimentally affecting separations. Previous work suggests an increased number of solvent reservoirs will create a more uniform electric field. It is the goal of this work to find other ways to increase the uniformity of the electric field by altering the width of the reservoir notches, placement of the electrodes, and mobile phase concentrations. Electric current, voltage, and pH were all measured as a function of time in an attempt to characterize the electric field.

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