Nate and Jenn Rawlinson were the first two students to graduate with a BS in Chemistry from BYU-I.

December 19, 2003
Writer: Brenda Pincock

Nate and Jenn Rawlinson were the first two students to graduate with a BS in Chemistry from BYU-I. They performed research at the INL to complete their internship requirements and received the BYU-I Chemistry Department Man of the Year and Woman of the Year awards in 2003. After graduating, they moved to Bloomington, Indiana where Nate began a doctoral program in analytical chemistry at Indiana University. His research involved characterizing nanometer-scale polymer pillars as well as developing a novel optical detection method on microfluidic devices. While in graduate school, Nate discovered a passion for teaching and seeing students understand and apply scientific concepts. He believes the ability to think critically and problem solve will benefit students in the classroom and throughout their entire lives. He taught for two years at BYU-Idaho as a temporary faculty member, while finishing his dissertation. He received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Indiana University in May 2013 and currently teaches intro, general, and organic chemistry at Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario, OR.

After graduating, Jenn worked as a research technician for two years in an environmental lab at Indiana University analyzing air and water samples using gas chromatography. Her interest in how the body works and desire to be more involved in the research process eventually led her to begin a Master's program in the Medical Sciences Department at Indiana University. She performed research developing a potential gene therapy for ovarian cancer until the week before she delivered twin girls, after which she decided to switch gears and be a full time mom. In 2013, she had the opportunity to teach chemistry labs as an adjunct faculty at BYU-I as well as perform research in the Biology Department in order to finish her degree. She and the two BYU-I undergraduates she mentored published their results in a peer reviewed journal, and Jenn received her MS in Physiology from Indiana University in Feb of 2014.  

Together, Nate and Jenn appreciate that they can "talk science" together and hope to instill a love of learning and inquiry about the world in their four children. They enjoy being active and outdoors. Some of their hobbies include hiking, fly fishing, golfing, skiing, horse training, gardening, and rock hounding.